New Image Wednesday + Vedauwoo + Diorama Shots


This week is kind of fun! It starts out with some shots from a KILLER camping trip my girlfriend and I went on with some great friends (from Incite Productions – link below) to Vedauwoo, WY. The second half is a bunch of shots from the Museum of Nature & Science.

Vedauwoo – what a cool place! It’s like if Moab and Wyoming made a baby. Known to the Arapahoe tribe as “land of the earth-born spirit,” Vedauwoo is only a couple hours away from Denver. It’s epic. If you’re a climber…you should go. I’ve also heard tell that if you’re in high school in Wyoming you probably already go there to make out.

As always, thanks for looking! See you tonight at Office Hours – we’re talking Photoshop!

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Incite Productions – Tumblr

Museum of Nature & Science – Website

Vedauwoo – Wyoming Tourism Website

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