New Image Wednesday + Taylor Scott Band



This week’s photos come from a shoot I did for a dude named Taylor Scott. He’s got an EP coming out this Saturday night at the Walnut Room. His band is full of killer musicians and he really conquers the guitar. It was a joy to work with these guys! You may recognize Jon Wirtz in some of these shots as I’ve done some work for him in the past – including his wedding! 

We experimented with smoke bombs for this shoot. I’d been seeing a lot of smoke bomb photography for a while, and it looked fun, so we gave it a try! The location we used is behind an old (seriously old, like 1805 old) cemetery outside Central City called “Knights of Pythias.” The area behind the graveyard is pretty amazing. There’s all these great young aspen trees, but it feels like the souls of the cemetery have a part in the growth of the forest. These black tendril-like trees are wrap around the aspens and give everything a dark vibe. However, the beauty of the white of the aspens shooting through harkens to a wonderful ascension of color and majesty. Pretty magical place.

I hope you enjoy! All of these are digital shot with my Canon 5d Mark II and two speedlights.

Thanks so much for checking my stuff out! See you tonight for the Office Hours!

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