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New Image Wednesday + Paper Bird

PAPER BIRD Hey! How was your week? Oooh…that’s a fancy new lawnmower! What does that even mean? “Eat that, Texas?” Dude, that makes no sense. Seriously, you’re trying to just say that about anything? Oddly, I can kind of get on board with this. Yeah, today’s blog is mostly from film cameras…eat that, Texas. I’ve been stoked to release this blog for a while now! Today is all about the epically awesome Colorado band, Paper Bird. I can’t tell you how great this project was! Every person involved has become a really wonderful friend – even doing the project alone […]

New Image Wednesday + I’m Back! + A Wonderful Engagement

A WONDERFUL ENGAGEMENT Holy cow!! Long time, eh?! What’ve you been up to nowadays? You’re trying to convince a car salesman that if he just says his name after every sentence it counts as a trademark? Creative. Did he go for it? Well, of course it backfired and now he’s just annoying! Well, good luck. ScottMcCormick™. Jeez. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. But, life is INSANE on my end. Firstly, I’m working with another incredible photographer nowadays, Merne Judson III! He’s been helping me with building, booking, brainstorming, and ’bout everything else. If you get a chance, check out his site […]