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New Image Wednesday + Fall Family Photos

Happy fall, y’all! INTRO Sooo…this past snow storm kind of made it go from beautiful fall to sad sticks immediately. Literally, the trees in my lawn were naked within 12 hours and all the leaves just cluttered the ground during that snow storm. Oh, Colorado. ABOUT This week’s images come from a wonderful shoot I got to do with some extremely close friends, Erick & Desiree and their wonderful kiddo, Atlas. We wandered into one of my favorite local places, the Cherry Creek Reservoir, to gather some freewheelin’ fall photos for the fantastically fun and phenomenal family.   NERDERY I […]

New Image Wednesday + Mandolin Orange

Happy Wednesday! How are ya? Oh? That’s kind of cool. So, wait…you’ve just been riding around on a moped with a nine-iron yelling at kids going on hay-bale rides for a week? Are you a monster?! Why are you doing that? Jesus. Just because you can’t afford a vintage clown outfit. You’re sick. This week’s blog features one of my favorite bands around right now, Mandolin Orange. Today is all about the making of the artwork and brand identity behind their new release, “Blindfaller.” First, let me start by saying the entire group of people I worked with on this […]

New Image Wednesday + Fall Colors

Hey there ho-there! How’s it going? Oh yeah? Your friends keep eating all your leftovers out of your fridge. That used to bug me a lot when I was in college…I literally used to order pizza and hide it under my pillow so people wouldn’t know I had it. Oh? You have a better solution? Dude. I don’t think just writing “HORNETS” on your leftovers is going to deter them from eating it. Oh my god. Seriously? Yeah…I suppose the trick is to put a few boxes of hornets in your fridge first labeled “HORNETS.” It’s been working?! Well, sorry […]

New Image Wednesday + Paper Bird

PAPER BIRD Hey! How was your week? Oooh…that’s a fancy new lawnmower! What does that even mean? “Eat that, Texas?” Dude, that makes no sense. Seriously, you’re trying to just say that about anything? Oddly, I can kind of get on board with this. Yeah, today’s blog is mostly from film cameras…eat that, Texas. I’ve been stoked to release this blog for a while now! Today is all about the epically awesome Colorado band, Paper Bird. I can’t tell you how great this project was! Every person involved has become a really wonderful friend – even doing the project alone […]

New Image Wednesday + Strawberry Runners

STRAWBERRY RUNNERS Hey! Happy Wednesday! How was your week? What does that even mean? “You, me, or the bear trap?” Dude, I don’t even get it…but, that sounds like a cool band name. I like your diamond studded piano necktie today. Today is about Strawberry Runners. Not the stolons that are produced from many strawberry plants, but you can certainly learn more about that with a quick Google search. But, today is more about the Denver band, Strawberry Runners. In particular, we focus on the lead singer/writer of the group, Emi Night. Emi and I ran out to the Cherry […]

New Image Wednesday + New York

New York Hey! How was your week? Ooh oh yeah? Hey..that kind of sounds fun. If you’re going to ask me, we should include all the other readers. Ok. What’s the question and choices we get? Legit, you’re messed up. But, we’ll see what folks think. New York City!! Woo Hoo! I love it! I always love going to New York. It’s so great. The people are awesome, the places are nothing short of incredible, the food is astonishing, and the public transportation is easy to understand (ahem..Denver)! My girlfriend and I booked a trip out to New York partially because […]

New Image Wednesday + Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS Hey! What’s new, friend? Oh cool! You got a motorcycle? What kind? A Norton Commando Hi-Rider? Isn’t that, like the ugliest and dumbest motorcycle ever? Seriously? No…I don’t think putting a stuffed horse head over the handlebars to pretend it’s a steed makes it cooler. Dude…you jousted with your motorcycle?! You’re nuts…aah…that explains the eye patch. Happy Wednesday! Today is all about a trip I took last weekend to the fabulous Minneapolis. My girlfriend and I headed out for a wedding and met up with a ton of friends to meander that amazing city for a few days. Boy, […]

New Image Wednesday + Folk Ragoût

Folk Ragoût Hey hey! What’s new with ya?! Oh yeah? Wow. Really? You’re just doing good this week? Nothing else? No flame spitting at the zoo? No harassing the elderly? Just good? Dude…you’re boring… WHOA!!! Don’t spit those flames at me!! This week I’m showing you some shots I did at sunrise last week at Cheesman Park. Now, I know a TON of people shoot at Cheesman Park all the time…but, ya know? We didn’t see ANYONE out there with a camera at dawn. So whatevah. We win. These shots feature a wonderful husband/wife duet called Folk Ragoût. Leslie Anne […]

New Image Wednesday + I’m Back! + A Wonderful Engagement

A WONDERFUL ENGAGEMENT Holy cow!! Long time, eh?! What’ve you been up to nowadays? You’re trying to convince a car salesman that if he just says his name after every sentence it counts as a trademark? Creative. Did he go for it? Well, of course it backfired and now he’s just annoying! Well, good luck. ScottMcCormick™. Jeez. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. But, life is INSANE on my end. Firstly, I’m working with another incredible photographer nowadays, Merne Judson III! He’s been helping me with building, booking, brainstorming, and ’bout everything else. If you get a chance, check out his site […]