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New Image Wednesday + Live At The Fillmore

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE Well, hey there! How were your holidays? Do anything awesome? Oh yeah? Did you catch him? Yeah, I doubt a piece of string running from your pillow to your stocking with a bell on it is going to catch a stealthy guy like Santa Clause. What do you mean you had a backup plan? Dude, you installed motion detecters and a flame thrower? That’s messed up. Were you trying to kill the guy? Well, why would you roast him if you’re just trying to prove he exists? You’re NUTS, man. NUTS. – as a side note: […]

New Image Wednesday + Infamous Stringdusters

INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS Happy Wednesday! What’s new? Oh? You bought a bunch of coal? For presents to your family? No? Oh, you didn’t even realize it was holiday time? Yeah, dude. Holidays are upon us. So, what’d you buy the coal for? Just to throw at strangers in the lobby of and old folks’ home? You’re twisted, man. OW! Hey! Don’t throw that crap at me! Jeez! I’m super pumped about this week’s blog. It’s featuring a little bit of the work I’ve done for the new record by the Infamous Stringdusters, “Ladies and Gentlemen” (link below). Have you heard these […]

New Image Wednesday + Edison + UMS + An Upcoming Bride

EDISON Happy Wednesday! How was your week? Oh? Wow…you spent the entire week in a cravat and burgundy smoking jacket sipping whiskey old fashions and smoking a pipe? Well, that sounds lovely! I appreciate you having a normal week. Thank you for that. So, today is all film photos! Yay film photos! The first set is from a recording session with Edison I popped in on during Denver’s UMS (Underground Music Showcase). They were doing some cool things there and I’m stoked to hear how it turned out after it’s all finished! Edison is making some waves nowadays and playing […]