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New Image Wednesday + Fall Family Photos

Happy fall, y’all! INTRO Sooo…this past snow storm kind of made it go from beautiful fall to sad sticks immediately. Literally, the trees in my lawn were naked within 12 hours and all the leaves just cluttered the ground during that snow storm. Oh, Colorado. ABOUT This week’s images come from a wonderful shoot I got to do with some extremely close friends, Erick & Desiree and their wonderful kiddo, Atlas. We wandered into one of my favorite local places, the Cherry Creek Reservoir, to gather some freewheelin’ fall photos for the fantastically fun and phenomenal family.   NERDERY I […]

New Image Wednesday + Fall Colors

Hey there ho-there! How’s it going? Oh yeah? Your friends keep eating all your leftovers out of your fridge. That used to bug me a lot when I was in college…I literally used to order pizza and hide it under my pillow so people wouldn’t know I had it. Oh? You have a better solution? Dude. I don’t think just writing “HORNETS” on your leftovers is going to deter them from eating it. Oh my god. Seriously? Yeah…I suppose the trick is to put a few boxes of hornets in your fridge first labeled “HORNETS.” It’s been working?! Well, sorry […]

New Image Wednesday + Strawberry Runners

STRAWBERRY RUNNERS Hey! Happy Wednesday! How was your week? What does that even mean? “You, me, or the bear trap?” Dude, I don’t even get it…but, that sounds like a cool band name. I like your diamond studded piano necktie today. Today is about Strawberry Runners. Not the stolons that are produced from many strawberry plants, but you can certainly learn more about that with a quick Google search. But, today is more about the Denver band, Strawberry Runners. In particular, we focus on the lead singer/writer of the group, Emi Night. Emi and I ran out to the Cherry […]

New Image Wednesday + Among The Rubble

  AMONG THE RUBBLE   This week’s post is a bit of a making of, and a bit of a showing off for a band from Dallas, TX called “The Gibbonses.” They approached me after seeing my work for the Infamous Stringdusters and inquired about album art for their upcoming record, “Among The Rubble.” We went through a few sketches to finally land on a house springing up from the rubble of a disaster (we kind of harkened to a recent tornado that had torn through Texas). The band (Jackie and Brandon) were incredibly kind-hearted and easy going people with […]

New Image Wednesday + Mandolin Orange

MANDOLIN ORANGE Hey! What’s new this week? Oh? That’s cool. You’re making a series of designer mugs? Are you going to hand make each one? No? You’re just going to pay some kid to throw clay for you and etch in the word “panther?” Dude…is the kid any good? He’s just some kid…ok. I don’t think this venture is going to last. You’ve already sold 3000?! What about child labor laws?! You’ve never heard of that?! Man…you astonish me every week. Happy February 24th! There’s been a ton going on this past few weeks! I haven’t slept much at all, […]

New Image Wednesday + Infamous Stringdusters

INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS Happy Wednesday! What’s new? Oh? You bought a bunch of coal? For presents to your family? No? Oh, you didn’t even realize it was holiday time? Yeah, dude. Holidays are upon us. So, what’d you buy the coal for? Just to throw at strangers in the lobby of and old folks’ home? You’re twisted, man. OW! Hey! Don’t throw that crap at me! Jeez! I’m super pumped about this week’s blog. It’s featuring a little bit of the work I’ve done for the new record by the Infamous Stringdusters, “Ladies and Gentlemen” (link below). Have you heard these […]

New Image Wednesday + Kid Reverie

KID REVERIE I don’t even want to ask how you’re doing this week. Every week it’s some new huge weird thing. What is it this time? Got a bunch of kids together and convinced them that the Ice Bucket Challenge is popular again and filled their buckets with hammers? Oh. Seriously? That’s what you did this week? Well, I’m sorry. I’m glad you just caught up on Elementary on Hulu and went on a five day cleanse. Hey…what’s that behind your back? Is that a hammer?! DUUDDE… This week’s photos are all of Steve Varney for his new project, Kid Reverie. […]

New Image Wednesday + Vedauwoo + Diorama Shots

VEDAUWOO & DIORAMAS Howdy! How was your week? Do you still have those roving children following you everywhere with berets on? Oh? They revolted against you?? Well…I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. What’d they do? Oh man. Seriously? I used to hate it when people would duct tape me to a zoo entrance. I’m glad you’re free. This week is kind of fun! It starts out with some shots from a KILLER camping trip my girlfriend and I went on with some great friends (from Incite Productions – link below) to Vedauwoo, WY. The second half is a […]