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New Image Wednesday + Strawberry Runners

STRAWBERRY RUNNERS Hey! Happy Wednesday! How was your week? What does that even mean? “You, me, or the bear trap?” Dude, I don’t even get it…but, that sounds like a cool band name. I like your diamond studded piano necktie today. Today is about Strawberry Runners. Not the stolons that are produced from many strawberry plants, but you can certainly learn more about that with a quick Google search. But, today is more about the Denver band, Strawberry Runners. In particular, we focus on the lead singer/writer of the group, Emi Night. Emi and I ran out to the Cherry […]

New Image Wednesday + New York

New York Hey! How was your week? Ooh oh yeah? Hey..that kind of sounds fun. If you’re going to ask me, we should include all the other readers. Ok. What’s the question and choices we get? Legit, you’re messed up. But, we’ll see what folks think. New York City!! Woo Hoo! I love it! I always love going to New York. It’s so great. The people are awesome, the places are nothing short of incredible, the food is astonishing, and the public transportation is easy to understand (ahem..Denver)! My girlfriend and I booked a trip out to New York partially because […]

New Image Wednesday + Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS Hey! What’s new, friend? Oh cool! You got a motorcycle? What kind? A Norton Commando Hi-Rider? Isn’t that, like the ugliest and dumbest motorcycle ever? Seriously? No…I don’t think putting a stuffed horse head over the handlebars to pretend it’s a steed makes it cooler. Dude…you jousted with your motorcycle?! You’re nuts…aah…that explains the eye patch. Happy Wednesday! Today is all about a trip I took last weekend to the fabulous Minneapolis. My girlfriend and I headed out for a wedding and met up with a ton of friends to meander that amazing city for a few days. Boy, […]

New Image Wednesday + Mandolin Orange

MANDOLIN ORANGE Hey! What’s new this week? Oh? That’s cool. You’re making a series of designer mugs? Are you going to hand make each one? No? You’re just going to pay some kid to throw clay for you and etch in the word “panther?” Dude…is the kid any good? He’s just some kid…ok. I don’t think this venture is going to last. You’ve already sold 3000?! What about child labor laws?! You’ve never heard of that?! Man…you astonish me every week. Happy February 24th! There’s been a ton going on this past few weeks! I haven’t slept much at all, […]

New Image Wednesday + Live At The Fillmore

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE Well, hey there! How were your holidays? Do anything awesome? Oh yeah? Did you catch him? Yeah, I doubt a piece of string running from your pillow to your stocking with a bell on it is going to catch a stealthy guy like Santa Clause. What do you mean you had a backup plan? Dude, you installed motion detecters and a flame thrower? That’s messed up. Were you trying to kill the guy? Well, why would you roast him if you’re just trying to prove he exists? You’re NUTS, man. NUTS. – as a side note: […]

New Image Wednesday + Kid Reverie

KID REVERIE I don’t even want to ask how you’re doing this week. Every week it’s some new huge weird thing. What is it this time? Got a bunch of kids together and convinced them that the Ice Bucket Challenge is popular again and filled their buckets with hammers? Oh. Seriously? That’s what you did this week? Well, I’m sorry. I’m glad you just caught up on Elementary on Hulu and went on a five day cleanse. Hey…what’s that behind your back? Is that a hammer?! DUUDDE… This week’s photos are all of Steve Varney for his new project, Kid Reverie. […]

New Image Wednesday + Chicago

CHICAGO How was Halloween?! What did you go as? You went as a hermit with a road flare? That’s kind of weird, how’d you come up with that? You owed homage to the guy you hit with your car three years ago? Dude…did you report that?! Did the hermit survive? Man, he’s not survived by you dressing up like him every year! You gotta report that shit! Jesus, man that’s vehicular manslaughter! Do you still have that band of rogue….oop…yep, there are the militant revolutionary kids from a couple weeks ago. You’re nuts, dude. (I feel like these intros are […]

New Image Wednesday + Blood Moon Concert + More Engagement Shots

BLOOD MOON CONCERT Happy Wednesday ya crazy so and so! What’d you do this week? Oh wow, you went to Chicago? That sounds great! What’d you do out there? Why would you spend the entire week inside playing the new Star Wars Battlefront instead of enjoying the beautiful weather? I feel like I just answered my own question…how was the game? Well, of course they wouldn’t include any Lego-based characters or anyone from Family Guy. It’s, like, the real game, man. Can’t you just be happy that you got to be Darth Vader for a week? Never enough…never enough. Did […]

New Image Wednesday + Brent & Bri

Today we’re celebrating the engagement of Brent & Bri with a few FUN pictures we shot over the weekend!