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New Image Wednesday + Jonathon Boogie Long

JONATHON BOOGIE LONG Happy Wednesday! What’s new? Whoa! What’s that? It looks like a huge piece of plywood under a blanket. It’s a what? Wow. You’re making full check books of those massive checks that you get when you win Publisher’s Clearing House? You’re crazy. You’ll never sell any of those…seriously? A backorder of 60,000? I have no idea what’s going on in this world anymore. P.S. – The winner for the poll a couple of weeks ago (see here) was: “Starting a group text and including a random number on it.” Thanks to all who voted! I haven’t posted […]

New Image Wednesday + New York

New York Hey! How was your week? Ooh oh yeah? Hey..that kind of sounds fun. If you’re going to ask me, we should include all the other readers. Ok. What’s the question and choices we get? Legit, you’re messed up. But, we’ll see what folks think. New York City!! Woo Hoo! I love it! I always love going to New York. It’s so great. The people are awesome, the places are nothing short of incredible, the food is astonishing, and the public transportation is easy to understand (ahem..Denver)! My girlfriend and I booked a trip out to New York partially because […]

New Image Wednesday + Chicago

CHICAGO How was Halloween?! What did you go as? You went as a hermit with a road flare? That’s kind of weird, how’d you come up with that? You owed homage to the guy you hit with your car three years ago? Dude…did you report that?! Did the hermit survive? Man, he’s not survived by you dressing up like him every year! You gotta report that shit! Jesus, man that’s vehicular manslaughter! Do you still have that band of rogue….oop…yep, there are the militant revolutionary kids from a couple weeks ago. You’re nuts, dude. (I feel like these intros are […]