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New Image Wednesday + A Look Back At 2018

2018 – Recap Looking back on an amazing year…holy cow, I’ve been taking photos for TEN YEARS. The early days I started taking photos in 2018 when my band, Boulder Acoustic Society, headed out on tour in Charleston, SC. I had a wee point and shoot camera and I fell instantly in love. I dragged the poor band all over town, up and down side streets, to a wild cemetery, in front of random buildings, etc. I immediately hopped in the tour van and downloaded a free version of Photoshop (all you needed was an email to download a trial […]

New Image Wednesday + Family Christmas Card

Our Family – Christmas card Our family Christmas and a personal reflection Ra Ra artsy-fartsy Christmas cardsy! Making Christmas cards every year for folks has turned into one of my favorite things I get to do. Some past images and current thoughts I’ve been doing cards for a few years now for some amazingly close friends. It’s such a wonderful way to capture the dynamic of such a beautiful holiday season and slam in some super fun creativity within the family dynamic. I think one of my favorite things is going to friends’ houses and seeing our Christmas card on […]