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New Image Wednesday + Gregory Alan Isakov & The Colorado Symphony

Today’s blog is all about a deeper look into the album art behind Gregory Alan Isakov’s new record with the Colorado Symphony.

New Image Wednesday + Infamous Stringdusters

INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS Happy Wednesday! What’s new? Oh? You bought a bunch of coal? For presents to your family? No? Oh, you didn’t even realize it was holiday time? Yeah, dude. Holidays are upon us. So, what’d you buy the coal for? Just to throw at strangers in the lobby of and old folks’ home? You’re twisted, man. OW! Hey! Don’t throw that crap at me! Jeez! I’m super pumped about this week’s blog. It’s featuring a little bit of the work I’ve done for the new record by the Infamous Stringdusters, “Ladies and Gentlemen” (link below). Have you heard these […]

New Image Wednesday + Vedauwoo + Diorama Shots

VEDAUWOO & DIORAMAS Howdy! How was your week? Do you still have those roving children following you everywhere with berets on? Oh? They revolted against you?? Well…I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. What’d they do? Oh man. Seriously? I used to hate it when people would duct tape me to a zoo entrance. I’m glad you’re free. This week is kind of fun! It starts out with some shots from a KILLER camping trip my girlfriend and I went on with some great friends (from Incite Productions – link below) to Vedauwoo, WY. The second half is a […]