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New Image Wednesday + DIY Furniture Store (Modern In Denver Magazine)

Happy Wednesday! How was your week? You what? You got dared to eat an entire tub of Wind Fresh Laundry Detergent? Dude…that doesn’t seem smart. You actually do look a touch distended – not to be rude. You were burping bubbles for three days? Well, that’s not super surpris….WHOA!!! That wasn’t just detergent was it? You also ate a lot of flour didn’t you? Yeah…when you sneezed just now a bubble-shaped baked good just flew out your nose. Killer week, bro. Ok…these intros are getting weirder. I like having my conversations with my imaginary friend every week, but this one […]

New Image Wednesday + Dash For The Terraform (The Making of)

Dash For The Terraform I learned my lesson last week. I’m not even going to ask how you’re doing…no..no..stop! I don’t care this time! Too much business to discuss! …I do like your new bedazzled Kenny Chesney tattoo, though. After 8 solid weeks of work…it’s DONE! Atomic Cowboy’s fourteen foot mural is up and open to the public! What a journey this has been! This is by far the largest piece I’ve done, and I’ll tell you – after this long – I’m stoked to be done with it. Make sure to head to the new location to view this sucker live […]