New Image Wednesday + The Armadillo & The Artichoke


Well, hey hey! Jeez…I feel terrible that it’s been so ding-dong long. Life? Well, life is crazy. But…you know what? Life is crazy for all of us around the beginning of summer. I’m skipping my typical random intro with my imaginary friend (I’ve named him “Joby,”) because I’ve been working on zero sleep and way too much booze.

Poets Row are true friends. Deeply caring people. Every member of the band carries themselves with grace and a depth of understanding to what really matters in the world. I don’t think I’ve met many people as honest, open to learning, wise, or self-aware. I feel lucky to work with them. Obviously as people, but also – and foremost – as quality musicians. They write impactful songs that give birth to earworms that harken to the very rarest of melody-makers.

Because of how much respect, honor, and love I have for everyone in this band, I wanted to do something…well…weird. Haha. So, I hired my amazing friend Katie Webster to create a cross between a Pangolin and…well…a slew of other desert creatures, and an Artichoke/avacado hybrid with a bit of growth. She NAILED it.

See…here’s the thing. When we sat down for our initial meeting…the meeting after…and a few more to follow, I kept screwing up the name “The Armadillo” and “The Artichoke.” I kept calling it the “Aardvark” and the “Avocado.” So…after sifting through a thousand ideas, we figured, “screw it.” “Why fight it?” Let’s just do a weird combo of everything that embodies all those ideas.

…So here we are. WONDERFULLY produced and hooky-as-hell music, with the weirdest shit I could come up with with the help of friends to help build it (Thank you Sarah Thomas for painting the amazing backdrops! My God, lady…).

Also, here’s a fun quick look at us shooting the promotional shots for these fine folks. Make sure to check out their CD release party on June 17th & 18th at Syntax Physic Opera. “The Artichoke” on the 17th, “The Armadillo” on the 18th. SO fun!!


See you tonight for Office Hours!!!

Thanks again for checking out my stuff!

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