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Hey hey! How’s life? Yeah…I’ve been there for sure. I remember when I was a kid I used to snort Coca-Cola. Yeah, dude, that’s when I was a kid. You’re a grown-ass man now…what’s that? I don’t care if Billy triple-dog-dared you to snort a gallon of soda pop! Dude, that’s what you get. No more nose hairs and a voice that sounds like Tom Waits.

So, I had a super fun shoot last night with the awesome band, One Flew West. We were on kind of a tight schedule between meeting up and brainstorming and having these knocked out, so we had to move fast! We spent the evening over by The Meadowlark and meandered about looking for killer spots. When we found a few spots, we had a BLAST! I’ll tell you, this is the first shoot that I got to yell, “screw it! Let’s have you guys just mosh and beat the crap out of each other.” How fun! The incredible stylist, Avery Ashmore (link below), was watching these guys slam in to each other and mess up all the great work she did. But, being a professional, she just laughed and fixed ’em back up afterward.

These boys are not only fun (and hilarious), but they’re all extremely talented! They put out highly accessible and powerful songs with good lyrics, a lot of energy, and extreme talent on each of their instruments. I feel honored that I got to work with them and I’m hoping it begets a long relationship of working together! Keep an eye out for their CD release party in a month!

Here’s a few of the digital shots from last night! I’ll be posting the film ones soon!

Lastly, I’ve been doing this thing called “Office Hours” lately. Not the most creative title…I may change it to “Wednesday Night Social Club.” But, alas, it’s an open live forum at a bar in Denver. I’ve had other photographers and designers come join me to answer questions (or even just talk) about photography, design, print media, computers, gear, and just about anything you can think of. It’s like a free masterclass! With beer! It’s usually from 5:30-8 (or until we’re done talking about whatever cool topics).

Thanks for checking out my work! See you next week!

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One Flew West – Website

Avery Ashmore – Stylish Rubbish

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