New Image Wednesday + Fall Family Photos

Happy fall, y’all!


Sooo…this past snow storm kind of made it go from beautiful fall to sad sticks immediately. Literally, the trees in my lawn were naked within 12 hours and all the leaves just cluttered the ground during that snow storm. Oh, Colorado.


This week’s images come from a wonderful shoot I got to do with some extremely close friends, Erick & Desiree and their wonderful kiddo, Atlas. We wandered into one of my favorite local places, the Cherry Creek Reservoir, to gather some freewheelin’ fall photos for the fantastically fun and phenomenal family.



I had scoped a secret spot sometime ago in the Reservoir and we set out to do photos there and a few in studio. Upon arriving at the Reservoir, walking a bunch to get to the secret area, and setting up a couple lights in the woods, I discovered all my camera batteries were dead. Rookie move. What is this, my first photo shoot?! Luckily everyone involved was extremely sweet, so we agreed to head to the studio to charge up and get our shots there first, and then return to the Reservoir.

When we arrived back at Cherry Creek, I discovered another photographer and another family heading towards my secret spot…awww hell no. Luckily they veered off and chose the shitty spot to the left instead of our incredible spot sunken in to the right. I popped on speed light on a few of these images, but mostly we used natural light as much as we could. As could be expected, poor 3-year old Atlas, got pretty cranky and tired during the later portion of the shoot, so we pivoted to get some amazing photos of him on a playground with the fall colors in the distance.

Know why I love these folks so much? They said, “I mean…we want family photos…but, not all the happy, bubbly ones. We want us being a family for real in a really weird setting.” I think we accomplished that!

I hope you like the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! See you in a couple weeks!

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