New Image Wednesday + Desiree & Erick Belly Shots

Howdy! What’s new with ya?! You what?!?! You got bored and tried to go drink to drink with Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark? You know that was fictional, right? Well, of course you’re hung over. Pistole. I may have to stop greeting you soon.

This week brought me over to some of my best friends’ house to take belly shots! I love it when good, smart, even-tempered, funny, genuine, beautiful people have babies. It gives me hope for this world. They don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. Care to venture any guesses based on baby belly shape?! I have my suspicions, but I’ll keep them to myself until the baby is born…then, I’ll say, “I knew it!” And I’ll look around the room at other people that I never mentioned my suspicion to and say, “didn’t I tell you? I totally told you!” And no one will hang out with me anymore. 

I wanted to do something different for these guys as they’re such amazing and creative people. I mentioned when I came in, “simplicity is the trick.” I think a simple idea is always best and then you can futz around with lighting the idea in a creative way. None of these ideas are ground-breaking, but they all feel genuine and powerful.

I hope you enjoy! All these suckers are digital (so far – film’s not developed yet of the others ones) shot on Canon 5D MkII with nothing but a couple o’ speedlites and natural lighting.



There’s some killer stuff coming up in the next few weeks…including the largest project I’ve ever done. Stay tuned. As always, thanks so much for looking!

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