New Image Wednesday + Aaron McCloskey & AKA Laser Bunny + Brett Randell

Hey hey hoof hands! What’s up with ya? Oh? You got beat up for yelling at someone for sneezing? Well, I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. What else is new? Oh? Good. That’s good. I’m glad you’ve finally apologized for flipping out at that kid at the grocery for saying “Whatchamacallits” are the best chocolate bar. Yeah…sending an apology letter via carrier pigeon IS weird. Dude…you’re weird.

Some of these photos are a zoomed in look at a couple of the recent shots I posted in my “Headshots & Portraits” Blog (two weeks ago).

The first of today’s photos come from an album design I did for the incredible Aaron McCloskey and his band, AKA Laser Bunny. I worked at Swallow Hill Music (link below) for a little over 7 years. Over that time I got the amazing honor of getting to know Aaron. He’s a phenomenal musician (he makes playing look SO easy), a profound educator, and he carries a gentle power personally that makes him the wonderful man he is. This project was fun for a lot of reasons, but namely, because I got to work with Aaron on his first record…and I got to shoot a jackalope.

So, sometimes I work on multiple albums at a time and one of the tricks is to make sure I don’t feel like I’m repeating myself with an idea or a photo. This next album was simultaneously being worked on with Aaron’s. Brett Randell is a wonderful addition to Denver’s music scene. This was the first I had met Brett and I dig him a lot! We had a great night shooting with flash paper and a forty-five dollar pizza…seriously…thanks GrubHub. Here’s some stuff from Brett’s new record “Rise.”

Thanks again for looking at my stuff and sorry that the intros are getting longer and weirder.

See you next week!

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Swallow Hill Music – Website

Aaron McCloskey & AKA Laser Bunny – Facebook

Brett Randell – Website

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