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New York

Hey! How was your week? Ooh oh yeah? Hey..that kind of sounds fun. If you’re going to ask me, we should include all the other readers. Ok. What’s the question and choices we get?

Legit, you’re messed up. But, we’ll see what folks think.

New York City!! Woo Hoo! I love it! I always love going to New York. It’s so great. The people are awesome, the places are nothing short of incredible, the food is astonishing, and the public transportation is easy to understand (ahem..Denver)! My girlfriend and I booked a trip out to New York partially because I had a bit of work to do out there and partially because we just wanted to hang out in the awesomest city. We paired up with our amazing friends Caitlin and Mike (see the Minneapolis blog from a few weeks ago to learn more about them) and we ran amuck for a few days! How fun!! We got to do a bunch of tourist-y stuff I’ve never gotten to do out there, like: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, ride on the Staten Island Ferry, go to Katz’s Deli, check out The Cathedral Church of Saint John The Divine, and a TON more!

My best friend from high school, Heath and his wife Lauren came down for the Staten Island ride as well! It was SO great to catch up with those guys. They’re two of the coolest, kindest people I’ve even known. Heath does a ton of killer work in film with old Super 8 cameras and has introduced me to a plethora of amazing artists in film and photography. Make sure to check out his work at the link at the bottom of this blog. He and Lauren live upstate and are running a farm and working with ducks. They bought some land and built a yurt on it to maintain a simple and profoundly rewarding lifestyle. However, his explanation of the first few months with no cell service or real house or power running to the yurt was potentially one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. It’s just quiet, well-mannered, artistic Heath sitting in a silent yurt alone all day while his wife pulled massive hours at work leaving him to slowly drift into – what can only be described as – a Kerouacian insanity that caused him to arbitrarily chop wood and slowly slip from reality. Those two amazing people are having a baby now! So…no more yurt and onto a house with power for them.

Caitlin and Mike hosted us for the trip in their awesome one bedroom in Harlem. We’ve been so lucky to have them as friends for so many years. They’re both brilliant (the two just finished their masters degrees at Columbia – yay!), and they’re really HILARIOUS to hang out with. Totally full of energy and a curiosity that is absolutely infectious. The news is they may be heading back to Colorado sometime in August….finger’s crossed.

Enough of all of this blather! Let’s see some pictures, eh? That’s why we’re here!

I hope you dug those as much as I loved taking them! I’m stoked to see the result of the poll from up top. See y’all tonight at Office Hours!

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