New Image Wednesday + The Beginning

June 24, 2015. by

Hola! How’s life?! You what?!?! How’d you even sneak a pistol full of tequila into a ball game in the first place? How’d you shoot it far enough to hit the pitcher in the eye?! Was it a Super Soakerâ„¢?? Oh…you were running naked on the field. I get it now. You’re crazy.

Boy howdy is it BUSY around here!! I’m going to jump right into it! I’m PUMPED!! I’m getting to do a huge mural for The Atomic Cowboy. Know that restaurant in Denver? The Atomic Cowboy is part of a series of restaurants all owned by the same folks. Denver Biscuit Company, Fat Sully’s, and The Atomic Cowboy can be found in a few places all over this fine city. It’s all over the Food Channel, and headlines everywhere as the best biscuits, like, anywhere…which I agree with.

I’m doing this massive piece for their new location opening up next month! Did I tell you I’m PUMPED?! It’s going to be epic! I’m not going to give anything away about it until after we reveal it at the new spot (on 43rd & Tennyson). But, I can show you a few of the smaller images I shot for the project. These feature my lovely friend, Mallory, who went out of her way to procure me a horse and dressed up in 97 degree weather with an air-tight spacesuit. You should check out her awesome card website here. She’s a queen and a champion. I feel so lucky to know her and so many wonderful people.

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I’ll make sure to post the final big mural when she’s all done and properly revealed to the world! Keep in touch! 

Thanks for looking!


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