New Image Wednesday + Strawberry Runners


Hey! Happy Wednesday! How was your week? What does that even mean? “You, me, or the bear trap?” Dude, I don’t even get it…but, that sounds like a cool band name. I like your diamond studded piano necktie today.

Today is about Strawberry Runners. Not the stolons that are produced from many strawberry plants, but you can certainly learn more about that with a quick Google search. But, today is more about the Denver band, Strawberry Runners. In particular, we focus on the lead singer/writer of the group, Emi Night.

Emi and I ran out to the Cherry Creek State Park a couple weeks ago for a super fun shoot. I love that area so much. It’s like anywhere you turn, you’re sure to find something absolutely beautiful. We’re so lucky in Denver to have it so close to us. Not only that, but it’s extra-super-great because there’s actually WATER there. Man…I grew up near Chicago and I miss me some big bodies of water, I’ll tell ya.

It was so lovely to get to know Emi on the trip. She’s such a kind soul with a mind that runs deep and a passion for music that’s unyielding. Unfortunately, we’re losing her to New York at the end of the month, but I feel lucky that Colorado has had her here for a bit. Her music has a powerful drive and hunger paired with a joyous delicacy. It reminds me of the wildly fun, yet drastic hills on the west coast of northern California/southern Oregon. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as we loved making them! Look for Strawberry Runners at UMS this weekend before Emi heads out to be with another extremely talented pool of creatives in the fine city of New York.

See you tonight at Office Hours! As always, thank you for checking out muh blog.



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