New Image Wednesday + Sneak Peek At Fountain Tarot + Heart Of The American Dream

July 22, 2015. by

Hey! Long time, eh? It’s been like three weeks! What’s new with you? Oh, neat! You got a kiss?! How lovely! Who from? What do you mean, “more like what from?” Why on earth would you ever kiss a live mountain lion? Oh, of course. As a dare. How do you still have a face? WHOA! Now that you turn a bit, I see you don’t have all of it anymore! My god, you have to stop this stuff. What’s that? No, I don’t think it would’ve turned out totally different if you hadn’t eaten beef jerky before the kiss. You’re horrible.

So, I’m sitting on a whole slew of stuff that’s finished but can’t be released publicly yet. So, I’m just working away on more stuff and waiting for the day I can show you some of the awesome stuff that’s coming out. However…I believe in the beginning of August I can finally release the full Atomic Cowboy image. I’m PUMPED. It’s headed to print this week! Yay!

For this week’s blog, I can give you a small sneak peek at some of the work I’ve been doing for an awesome company, Fountain Tarot. I like it when you meet someone and immediately hit it off and know you’ll be good friends for a while. That’s what happened when I sat down with Jonathan Saiz (link below) from Fountain. We ended up drinking margaritas for a few hours at the house and talked about all kinds of amazing deep shit…like drinking. I’ve been asked to do a few images to promote this awesome company, so I’ve been gathering stuff for a couple weeks. If you get a chance, check out their website (below), as the artwork and care that’s gone in these cards is absolutely inspiring. As I gather one portion for the minor arcana – wands (the suit I’ve been asked to explore), I’ve been doing smaller images that can stand alone. All of these are going in to one large image (that you’ll see very soon). 


The second part of today is based around the awesome time I had in Ouray, CO for the 4th of July! 

Ouray is a beautiful little town up in the mountains that feels like time kind of stopped around the 1950’s (in terms of tradition and architecture). Because of that, it makes for a great place to take photos! I don’t know if you’ve been there for the 4th of July celebration, but it’s amazing. They have a wonderful parade, tons of food and booze, and in the afternoon the firefighters whip out their hoses. That’s not meant to be gross. They actually whip out their fire hoses and start shooting each other in the face. No lie. It’s like tug-of-war, but backwards. It was in these games, that I think I’ve (after years of searching) finally found the heart of the American dream. I had this kind of dumb gaping smile plastered on my head for like four hours during and after the games. My cheeks hurt afterward.

Besides watching that epic slurry of spastic water fights, I also got to hang out with some amazing friends that came back from New York just to make the 6 hour trek to the mountains. Our friends, Caitlin, Mike, Derek, and Liz all came out to enjoy the full weekend. Don’t you love trips where you can step back and point at any possible moment and realize, “yep. I’d live there for a long time.” It’s like time stops and all there is is a wash of great feelings that take you over. That was this trip.

Plus…dudes were blasting each other in the face with super harsh water hoses. Anyway, here’s some shots from that lovely trip! All on the trusty Leica R3 with Ilford 400 film.


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As always, thanks for looking.

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Jonathan Saiz – website

The Fountain Tarot – website

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