New Image Wednesday + Sketches

August 22, 2014. by

Yep…it’s been BUSY again! I’m loving it! I got to go to California last week for one of my best friends’ wedding. It was beautiful!! We were out among the redwoods just outside Muir Woods. What a FUN wedding! I haven’t drank that much in at least three days…

Then my great friends, Miss Tess & The Talkbacks came and stayed with us this past weekend. They were such lovely guests and it’s always a blast to hang out with them. We traveled out to Folks Fest in Lyons, CO and hung out with the AMAZING Lake Street Dive on their tour bus. Boy…they conquered that festival. What a great band. We broke the bus in good and proper and meandered outside after some great music playing and hanging to find ourselves amidst a glorious meteor shower! I also got to meet Randy Newman at the festival! I maintained his interest for approximately 2 and a half minutes weaving tales of some of the work I’ve been doing. Then…well, I got cut off by his body guards. Haha! Oh well, at least I met him! What a hero!

Due to all of this wonderful traveling and drinking, I’ve been primarily working on starting a ton of projects, so I figured I’d show y’all what I typically start my stuff with…a sketch! Now…I’m not a very good artist at all, so don’t be all judgy, but I didn’t want to go two weeks without posting something. Here’s a few random sketches…one for a t-shirt for Strange Americans (CD Release on Sept 12 at the Bluebird), a couple for an Opera for the Smithsonian (the sketches featured won’t be used as an idea), a couple for a poster for Lucero (that also weren’t used), and a Superman poster I did just for the heck of it a while ago! All of these (except the logo-y Lucero poster) were drawn at my little kitchen table with a buncha pencils and pens while watching reruns of Shark Week on Netflix.

I hope y’all enjoy muh silly drawrings. 🙂

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