New Image Wednesday + Rocky Mountain Table Company + Denver UkeFest

June 18, 2014. by

Ok, I’m much happier this week. Sorry for the downer last week! 

This week I’m showing off a few photos for an update to our Rocky Mountain Table Company website (here). We’re going to be providing some new awesome stuff coming up soon, including some wicked awesome stump tables, more cool media storage stuff, a pony, and a half-eaten gourmet sandwich. With each update comes a new seasonal photo. 

Sometimes, I come up with some really random fun ideas that require me to figure out how to build weird stuff (wait until you see the upcoming few weeks…bwaahahaha), but sometimes, folks have already built some of the ideas I have. In this particular case, I needed to make rain. While I know it’s been wildly horrible rain and tornadoes lately – jeez, this is getting out of hand, eh? – I needed to be able to control WHEN it rained. So, I built a rain machine! Fun! This particular machine has been made and even had instructions on the AWESOME website Love it. I made my own version out of metal, twine, a 25′ hose, a drill, and some light stands. What a fun project!

Here’s some of the photos for Rocky Mountain Table Company. Which one do you think we should use? Thanks to Desiree Rudolph for modeling in the freezing rain!!

Not only that, but I had blogged about the Denver Ukulele Festival a couple weeks ago, and here’s the online magazine I made of some of the photos from that event!

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P.S. A SHOUT OUT to some of my best good friends, Greg Carr & Faceman who finally collaborated to make one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen in a LONG time. See it here.

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