New Image Wednesday + Promotional Shots For DIY Furniture + Rossonian

June 5, 2014. by

Happy Wednesday, everybody!!

I’ve got a few new fun things today! My buddy, Donnie Criswell, started a cool new furniture website called DIY furniture. He built it so you can design your own tables! That means you can choose between a bunch of his top-types and bottom-types and slam ’em together to make your own awesome table. You can also adjust the sizing, the coloring on the bases, and a bunch more stuff. I took some photos for him a bit ago to be able to then drop your creation into a background to see what it’ll look like. Not only that…but, you can UPLOAD YOUR OWN BACKGROUND too!! How cool is that, eh?!

Not only do we have those photos, but I did a music video for muh old pals, Rossonian. It features Madelyn Albright – she had a feature here a couple weeks ago. Give ‘er a watch!

I hope you’re all having as great a week as I am! As always, if you have requests of stuff you want to see or have questions on how I’ve done stuff in the past, please ask away!

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