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May 2, 2014. by

When I started this out, the original intent was actually to only present one new photo a week. Whelp…failed at that. Instead you’ve been getting a slew of stuff from me. However, this week, I think I’m going to follow my original model. I’ve been working like mad again this week with a bunch of awesome clients and I have a lot I can share, but, I want to just show you a fun little hand-drawn poster I made for my buddy, Faceman. 

Faceman is doing this great series. The first installation is this next Saturday, May 10th at Mutiny Bookstore, and yep…it’s free. He’s paired up once again with the great folks at Incite (wonderful new, hungry set building company here in Denver) to make a massive shoebox diorama stage. His idea is to change the interior of the diorama for a series of shows and base all of it around great literary works. This round, he’s chosen one of my favorite writers of all time; Charles Bukowski. Faceman is featuring the poem “The Bluebird.” If you haven’t read it, please do. Here’s a link for youtube: THE BLUEBIRD.  Also, if you get a chance, Tom Waits does a couple great readings of “Nirvana” and “The Laughing Heart,” two of my favorites. 

With all that promotion outta the way…how are you? What’s new? I’ve missed seeing you around the slosh ball court. I’ve been thinking about changing this blog into a more informative venture. I realize I learn so much EVERY day and I want to know if you think it’d be cool to learn some of the same stuff from me? I’m talking about photography gear, lighting, dark room stuff, photoshop, hand-made stuff, general life-wide wisdoms, music, poetry, great and fun quotes, etc. I think it’d be fun to keep an educational journal on here. Let me know your thoughts about what you want to learn or even if you think you’d read it. 

Thank you all so much for all your kindness over the years, I’m sincerely lucky to have such wonderful friends, clients, and family.

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