New Image Wednesday + Model Profile: Madelyn Albright + Lee Avenue Album

May 22, 2014. by

Hey all!

No boring video today 🙂 Just a few shots and some kind words for a person I work with a ton. 

So, I finished this record about two and a half years ago, and I’ve been stalling like mad to put it out. If you like, you can hear the title track here. I’m finally starting shooting on the album art now! I had a bunch of film shots all prepped and ready for the record design…however, I found out (sadly, too late) that the camera I shot them all on was actually broken and none of them came out. So, I’m back at the ol’ drawing board. I’ve begun designing all of the outfits and sets for each shot for the record and I’m hoping to have the sucker out in the next month or two. Each song is getting it’s own photo, and I’m thinking of releasing it in a special photo book with a pop-out at the end that presents the CD. Anywho, I decided to stick with one model for the entire project! 

I’ve worked with Madelyn Albright (yep. that’s her name) a ton in the past on multiple other album covers. She’s laughing and spilling a drink for The Outfit’s cover, she let me glue chess pieces on her head for the Strange Americans, she posed in polaroids about the loss of love for Finnders & Youngberg, and she’s even featured in an upcoming music video I shot for Rossonian!  Whew…she’s been through a lot with me. I feel blessed to know Madelyn as she’s one of the most adventurous and absolutely honest people I’ve ever met. It’s because of that that I love working with her so much. While she maintains a natural beauty unmatched by many, she has a million faces she can put on and sell an emotion. She portrays emotion gracefully, thoroughly, and without borders. She has the absolutely wonderful talent of being able to put herself in a scenario in her own mind and project the feelings perfectly for a camera. I’m really excited to work with her on my record to see where we can bring some of these fantastical shots. 

This is the first of a few profiles I’ll be doing of some of the people I work with on a regular basis. But, my utmost love and appreciation goes out to Madelyn this week. Here’s a few photos of her!

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