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Happy Wednesday! Today is all about a trip I took last weekend to the fabulous Minneapolis. My girlfriend and I headed out for a wedding and met up with a ton of friends to meander that amazing city for a few days. Boy, I like Minneapolis. Back in my touring days I was lucky enough to play the Cedar Cultural Center (link below) with Peter Rowan (yeah…I name dropped). Despite it being the dead of winter, it left a wonderful impression. Mainly because we were pumped to play with Peter Rowan, but also because that city is awesome!! My great friend, Seth Evans (Rossonian) grew up out there and sent me a list of awesome things to do while we were there. We almost made it through the whole list!

The wedding was gorgeous at this über fancy barn in Rochester, MN in an area called “Pill Hill.” It’s the area where the Mayo Clinic originated and all the doctors lived there and built giant beautiful houses. Saying it was a “fancy” wedding wouldn’t do it justice. The day before that we met up with some of our best friends, Caitlin and Mike – who had flown in from New York. We headed out to Lake Minnetonka to drink at the legendary wharf-based eatery, Maynards. It was so fun to watch all the boats and just chill with a giant beer – I had forgotten how cheap booze in the Midwest was…way to go Minnesota. We were so lucky to spend the remainder of the weekend with Caitlin and Mike. In fact, in two weeks, we’re heading to New York to hang out with them again on their turf – pictures will follow! We also got to see a luthier buddy of mine from my Wisconsin days, Nick Kehoe. We went bike riding around Lake Calhoun, we drank at Acadia (and had KILLER hot dogs nearby there), we got to walk on the Stone Arch Bridge, but the final epic thing of the weekend? Catching one of my favorite bands at an old VFW, Bud Bronson & The Goodtimers!!! We were unbelievably pumped to find out that they were touring through. They’re so badass. What an amazing group of dudes. Their music is a perfect representation of every single thing I felt in High School with a profound sense of awareness and full-on talent when it comes to writing. Even them playing in a VFW made it feel like High School. They’re one of my favorites ever.

I hope you dug! I’m a bit under the weather today, so no Office Hours tonight…see you next week! I may have a HUGE one for next week’s blog…finger’s crossed.

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