New Image Wednesday + Midwestern Symmetry

January 16, 2014. by

I used to be a musician. I toured all over the world playing music in tiny bars and giant stages. I feel very lucky to have done that. However, the worst habit I picked up from all those years of running around trying to make a difference is – besides alcohol – practice. If I get a break in a day, I tend to wander throughout the town for at least 3-4 hours to take photos. Sometimes, I go a full day of walking without ever clicking the shutter, but rather focus on minuscule movements of the surrounding population – I love the difference in even just holding a cup of coffee vs. gripping it. It’s nice to have some quiet in a day and just walk and try to see the world rather than look at it. These photos are from a tiny neighborhood in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on a frigid day. While they’re not my best photos, I feel it’s important to show the learning path that we all go through and express the importance of trying new things. 

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