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Hey! What’s new this week? Oh? That’s cool. You’re making a series of designer mugs? Are you going to hand make each one? No? You’re just going to pay some kid to throw clay for you and etch in the word “panther?” Dude…is the kid any good? He’s just some kid…ok. I don’t think this venture is going to last. You’ve already sold 3000?! What about child labor laws?! You’ve never heard of that?! Man…you astonish me every week.

Happy February 24th! There’s been a ton going on this past few weeks! I haven’t slept much at all, and I’ve been drinking a ton of coffee. My puppy, Ida, is growing bigger every day. I wish she’d just stay a little puppy. Given, I’m happy her brain is growing and she’s understanding “leave it,” and “ouch, dammit, quit biting my hand.” This chew phase can certainly pass sooner rather than later.

This week is all about this incredible band I got to work with, Mandolin Orange. I’ve literally had their music on repeat for about a month now while working. They had an incredible (sold out) show at the Bluebird last Saturday, and we got to do a super fun shoot with them on that following Sunday morning. Andrew, Emily, Merne, Incite Productions, and I all met at the scenery room for the Denver Performing Arts Complex and had an amazingly fun and chill shoot. These guys were such a blast to get to know. Not only are they extremely talented, but they’re humble, genuinely kind-hearted, and funny. I love those moments where you realize you’ve actually made great friends. As we didn’t have a ton of time to build up something really wild for their shoot, Incite was incredible enough to find a cape made of CDs that they had sitting around the workshop and expound on it.

After a bit of making chest plates and longer capes, they ran out of CDs. I called up my good friend Erin over at KBCO and asked, “gee, y’all got any CDs lying around that you’ve already uploaded and don’t need the physical copies anymore?” As a guy who makes CD designs for a living, honestly, it was kind of daunting to receive well over 1500 CDs that they didn’t want anymore. Wow…we really do live in a digital realm. Oh well, I’m still one of those old-schoolers that likes to hold a physical record and see beautiful artwork at more than 300×300 pixels on a telephone screen.

I hope you enjoyed!! See you tonight at Office Hours!

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Mandolin Orange – Website, iTunes

Merne Judson III – Website

Incite Productions – Tumblr

KBCO – Website

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