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And, of course, by we I mean my great friend Jeff Engelstadt. HE CONQUERED IT! I helped…mainly just with fueling the beer and plugging and unplugging stuff. But, in short, he took two old CRTs (computer monitors) and strung ’em together to amplify the voltage. Then he ran a wee cable out of one onto a fancy thing he built called a Marx Generator which, in turn, amplified the voltage a LOT. I’m talking 450,000 volts a lot. So, like, a LOT. Then he used two brass pieces to give the current somewhere to go and BAM! DC lightning, baby. And I gots a picture of it.

Wow. What a long road it’s been to get to the point of appropriately playing god. I’m sure, down the line, some kind of wicked karma will happen for having that much power. But, for now, Strange Americans got themselves a super cool album cover! I’ll be talking a bunch more about their CD release show at the Bluebird in the future (especially ‘coz they’re doing a KILLER set for it) But, for now, I hope y’all enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed the month and a half it took to take it.

How fun is life?!

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