New Image Wednesday + L-Tryptophan


Jeez this week was awesome! I got to go out to one of my favorite places on the planet: Ouray, Colorado. For what it’s worth, I know everyone has the same question: to my knowledge, it’s pronounced “you-RAY” with the emphasis on “RAY.”  Ahem… Anyway, my girlfriend grew up there and her folks still live out there, so we get to go back every few months. I always jump at any excuse to head to that gorgeous town. We picked up my girlfriend’s cousin from the airport Tuesday and shagged ass down to Prettys-ville.

We go for a walk every day while we’re out there. Well – let me specify – we go for what her family calls a “walk” every day while we’re out there. To me, going straight up a mountain at pert near eight thousand feet can be a little exhausting. My legs fall asleep and I breath all stupid and see stars and stuff. Thank god I have a camera. It allows me to have an excuse to stop for a second and take a picture (all while thinking, “lord, I may just pass the hell out”).

That being said, those walks are incredible. We took two out in the neighboring town Ridgway, that were particularly awesome. They have this cool paved trail that walks you by a ton of cottonwood trees that house a bunch of bald eagles. How sick, right? Bald eagles all over the place! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to fighting the urge to salute.

Outside of our lovely walks, we got to have some incredible Thanksgiving food! Yay food! I saw stars again after the amount I ate this year.  Family friend, Jill, makes these pies….lord…the best caramel pie. Unbelievable. Outside of stuffing my face and rolling around on the ground holding my belly while cursing the sky, we got to visit some great friends, Megan and Wesley too! They have the cutest baby boy, George Jasper, and they were hoping to get a simple Christmas card photo with him. Simple?! Psssh. Let’s go nuts, I say!  By the way, I love shooting family Christmas cards. Here it is:

With all the hiking, eating, drinking, and hanging out, this week turned into something really special. It’s always lovely to be with friends and family, but when you’re surrounded by – what seems to be – a magical place, life seems pretty grand. Oh, and we watched a Woody Allen movie too. I hope you enjoy these shots!

See y’all tonight at Office Hours! Thanks again for looking.

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