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The blog is BACK, baby! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything. As my first comeback story, I’m stoked to start back up with a look at some of the imagery for one of my favorite people in Colorado, Steve Varney. Today we’re checking out the artwork for his group, Kid Reverie. Also, make sure to click around a bit! I redid the website a WHOLE bunch…and there’s more to come…

Kid Reverie

Firstly, this band rocks. Secondly, Make sure to check out their new album while you read:


Lastly, the band features some more of my favorite people, besides just Steve. On drums there’s the amazingly talented and hilarious Michael McKee (Strange Americans). On bass is one of my best friends (and old tour mate), Neil McCormick (Safe Boating Is No Accident, Boulder Acoustic Society). And on keys is one of the most genuinely kind individuals I’ve ever met, Murry Mercier (Strange Americans).

We started down the path of telling Steve’s story over a year and a half ago with some promotional imagery that was built to further a concept of play and reverence for a child’s mind for an upcoming record he was putting out (you can see that blog here). But, after some work perfecting his sound and honing in on a stellar record, our perceptions shifted just a little bit in terms of artwork. The final image we wanted was Steve consoling himself as a separate version of himself flipped out to his side. We all know that feeling – keeping a strong, steeled face while the internal struggle just wants to scream as loud as we can. In a lot of ways, I genuinely feel like we snagged the perfect vibe for the entire record with this imagery. While it’s clean, professional, and modern, it has a true element of grit and honesty….grit and honesty…that’s exactly two words I’d use to describe Steve…those two and “fucking rad.”

The nerdery

Merne and I set out to try to make our Photoshop work a minimal endeavor – which proved a bit difficult: We needed one of Steve to be completely still and one to be in a wild blur of motion… If you’re a lighting dork, you can see how this poses a bit of a problem. If you trigger a light while someone is moving, it will inevitably grab them in that moment with a slight trail of movement from a long exposure. However, if you solely rely on a long exposure, Steve would have to stay as still as he possibly could – not a fun thing to ask your subject to do while upright and simultaneously your stand-in (Merne) is moving and screaming like mad while attached to you. Quite the conundrum…

We eventually created a large cardboard snoot on an LED worklamp that would allow us to only light Steve’s face while he moved during a long exposure, and with several other lights and grid combinations, we were able to light everywhere BUT his face to illuminate the remainder of the scene. It took a bit of time to do, but the end product was definitely well worth it.


I hope you enjoy these things and I’m stoked to be back! Make sure to watch the video at the top!

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See you very very soon


Kid Reverie 
Merne Judson III


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