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June 3, 2015. by

Hey there ho there! What’s up with ya? Why yes I do have a newsletter that you can sign up for to get a big discount next week on upcoming projects! Yeah, that is a plug that’s neither funny nor tactful! 

Man oh man this week has been CR-AAAZY. I’m super pumped for the stuff I have coming up over the next two months. Like, legit, some of the biggest stuff I’ve ever done. When it rains it pours, eh?

But, here’s is some film shots from last week’s Journey To The Sun festival put on by my great friend, Faceman. Holy cow that was a heckuva task. He conquered it by getting over 40 local favorite bands in town to perform 30 minute time slots over two days, building a giant spaceship the size of a sedan, organizing everything with the venue and sponsors, renting a badass astronaut costume, and yelling himself hoarse at the actual event. Man, I’m proud to know that guy. He’s pretty amazing. How amazing he is personally was directly reflected in his festival. Every band was incredible and had such pleasant demeanors. It was like hanging out with 160 of your great friends spread over two days. Just incredible. If you missed it this year, we’re already starting to plan next years (hopefully a life-sized blue whale hovering over the audience)

Incite Productions and the Denver Tool Library constructed the giant ship to hang above the performers. The stage was cut in half with two curtains; “Space Dock 1” and “Space Dock 2.” When one performance had reached its conclusion, the next curtain opened up and another awesome band started immediately. Some of my personal highlights from the 24 hours of music were; Anthony Ruptak, Poets Row, Colfax Speed Queen, Greasy Species, Dendrites, The Outfit, everything that Ty (the Knew), and Brian and Austen (Bud Bronson & The Good Timers) were a part of, and of course both sets of Faceman.

These shots are all from Day 1. They feature Seth Evans (Rossonian – remember that astronaut outfit we built for that record cover? It’s on the homepage), Faceman, Michael King, Bud Bronson, Greasy Species, Chris McGarry and a bunch more. All were shot on my Leica R3 camera with 3200 Ilford film.


If you’d like to see shots from Day 2, Ken Hamblin did some wonderful work for the Westword here.

As always, thanks for looking! See ya next week! Sign up for that newsletter!

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