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Happy Wednesday! What’s new? Whoa! What’s that? It looks like a huge piece of plywood under a blanket. It’s a what? Wow. You’re making full check books of those massive checks that you get when you win Publisher’s Clearing House? You’re crazy. You’ll never sell any of those…seriously? A backorder of 60,000? I have no idea what’s going on in this world anymore.

P.S. – The winner for the poll a couple of weeks ago (see here) was: “Starting a group text and including a random number on it.” Thanks to all who voted!

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks – and not by accident. I want to keep these blogs more fun and truly geared towards photographs. But, as of late it’s been hard to convince myself that anything is remotely light-hearted. With so much tension and so many unheard voices, I needed to stop myself from using this platform as another internet tirade to be skimmed over briefly and instantly forgotten. This blog isn’t about politics or social injustices by any means, but these past few weeks have made it hard to sit quietly enough to hear any kind of sense at all.

So, today’s photos are reserved for an amazing blues musician from Baton Rouge, Jonathon Boogie Long. I went to see Boogie at a festival earlier the day of the shoot in the middle of a 149 degree open street. Thank god for bad beer. I hadn’t ever met him or even spoken to him on the phone, so I wanted to get a feel for what his live show was like and what his general demeanor was. Not only did he NAIL his live show, but overall, the guy is incredibly confident and badass. He popped over to the house for a couple hours after his set with one of my great friends, Doug (who also happens to be Boogie’s manager), and Merne and I hung out in the backyard chain smoking and talking about music, life and the whole. We got so caught up we didn’t have any time to over-think or under-think the photos we had to take. I like that. When you can truly connect with someone quickly and effortlessly so much so that the job you’re supposed to do becomes secondary and more like just a fun blip on a cool experience. I tried to grab the confidence Boogie exudes with these photos, and I hope you enjoy them.

See you tonight at Office Hours!



Merne Judson III – Website

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