New Image Wednesday + I’m Back! + A Wonderful Engagement


Holy cow!! Long time, eh?! What’ve you been up to nowadays? You’re trying to convince a car salesman that if he just says his name after every sentence it counts as a trademark? Creative. Did he go for it? Well, of course it backfired and now he’s just annoying! Well, good luck. ScottMcCormick™.

Jeez. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. But, life is INSANE on my end. Firstly, I’m working with another incredible photographer nowadays, Merne Judson III! He’s been helping me with building, booking, brainstorming, and ’bout everything else. If you get a chance, check out his site (link below) he does great work and is a wonderful guy. I’m pretty lucky to be working with him.

Outside of that…we GOT A PUPPY!! Her name is Ida and she’s 10 weeks old now. As I’m typing this, she’s currently chewing on my slippers as I’m wearing them. I don’t think I’ve fallen in love with something faster or deeper than little Ida. She is a puppy…so she does have her moments…like all of yesterday and now, where I’m paranoid because she’s sniffing the floor and she has that “may potty” face on. But, overall training is going swimmingly. She loves her crate. With the exception of a couple accidents in the house, she’s potty trained. She sleeps a full night. She doesn’t bark (though she just discovered she could…uh oh). And she plays like mad. She’s a lab/blue heeler mix, so here comes the energy! Bronwyn and I are smitten with the little girly. This picture is of her underneath a project I’ve been working with with Incite Productions in my basement.

There’s some other HUGE news I want to tell you, but I still have to get a few steps finalized….but, keep your ears to the ground. This one’s the biggest news of my life so far.

Ok! Photography!! This past weekend I got to work with a wonderful couple for engagement photos! Jamie & Lucas came to me hoping for engagement photos that were a little different. They wanted a bit of an absurdist approach to the photos. So, we went nuts! I, personally, love how some of these look like old photos your grandma would have on her wall, but all weirded out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! These guys were super fun and easy to shoot. Absolutely kind individuals with a drive towards the creative are my favorite folks to work with, and these guys fit that bill perfectly.


As always, thanks for looking! See you for tonight’s awesome Office Hours with Doug from 7s Management (link below). ScottMcCormick™.

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Merne Judson III – Website

7s Management – Website

Insite Productions – Tumblr

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