New Image Wednesday + Happy Holidays

December 24, 2014. by

Howdy!! How are ya?! Me? I’m drunk on joy….and eggnog and brandy. What do you mean? How can you be drunk on regret? C’mere, just give me a hug, it’s ok.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! YAY!!! I have one image today, and I’ll let it do all the talking.

I’m headed home to Chicago until after the new year! I’m excited to snap some fun winter shots out there. I’ve decided to keep my load really light and only bring my little Leica R3 film camera. It’s nice to travel with next to nothing gear-wise. 

As a reminder; I’m also starting a NEWSLETTER in 2015!! I’m going to be featuring more content, including: Deals and discounts on photo sessions and designs, new (unreleased) sneak peaks on upcoming album art, and a ton more stuff! I’m also going to be fielding questions in the newsletter pertaining to camera gear, lighting questions, general photographic ideas, and any questions on how/why I do the stuff I do. Overall, it should be FUN! If you’re interested, you can sign up here: 

See you soon. Peace and love,

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