New Image Wednesday + Folk Ragoût

Folk Ragoût

Hey hey! What’s new with ya?! Oh yeah? Wow. Really? You’re just doing good this week? Nothing else? No flame spitting at the zoo? No harassing the elderly? Just good? Dude…you’re boring… WHOA!!! Don’t spit those flames at me!!

This week I’m showing you some shots I did at sunrise last week at Cheesman Park. Now, I know a TON of people shoot at Cheesman Park all the time…but, ya know? We didn’t see ANYONE out there with a camera at dawn. So whatevah. We win. These shots feature a wonderful husband/wife duet called Folk Ragoût. Leslie Anne Harrison and Frederic Pouille are incredible musicians that focus primarily on Irish music, but throw in some French, Hungarian, etc. They’re profoundly talented…

It was absolutely lovely to watch the sun come up in the Parthenon in Cheesman while listening to gorgeous Irish music being played by these two. It was a moment I wish I could’ve lived in a bit longer. After our Cheesman session, we grabbed some coffee and headed back to my wee place for a more emotive shoot involving one light on a boom stand with a strip box and grid. Normally when I shoot with that strip box, I usually have a fog machine going to boost up some of the darks, but in this instance, it was so well diffused that we didn’t need it! I hope you enjoy these!

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Leslie Anne Harrison – Website

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