New Image Wednesday + Fall Colors

Hey there ho-there! How’s it going? Oh yeah? Your friends keep eating all your leftovers out of your fridge. That used to bug me a lot when I was in college…I literally used to order pizza and hide it under my pillow so people wouldn’t know I had it. Oh? You have a better solution? Dude. I don’t think just writing “HORNETS” on your leftovers is going to deter them from eating it. Oh my god. Seriously? Yeah…I suppose the trick is to put a few boxes of hornets in your fridge first labeled “HORNETS.” It’s been working?! Well, sorry I outed your disastrous, hospital-ridden plan on my blog.

So, I was lucky enough to escape the city a couple weeks ago for the beginning of the color changes on the aspen trees. For those of you that aren’t in Colorado, this is a pretty awesome thing. For a few weeks every year all the aspen trees in Colorado hit “fall mode” and start to change colors to these incredible yellows and oranges. It’s like the mountains are set ablaze (in a good way…not like when they’re actually set ablaze in the summer) and glow against the amazing blue sky. I know everywhere in the country has an awesome fall where leaves change colors, but the aspens are unlike anywhere else I’ve seen. It’s unbelievable.

My girlfriend and I packed up the car with Ida (our puppy) and headed out to Grand Mesa to meet up with her folks for a couple days of camping and hiking to color watch. The fall is a magical time for photographers. However, because so many photographers set out to photograph the beautiful phenomenon, I wanted to try something different. I started thinking about Frank Machalowski’s work with national landmarks… He would go out with a film camera and try to take all the same photos that the tourists were grabbing, except all in one big multi-exposure. I did the same thing with the trees. Kind of. His are way cooler…but, I’ve got a slew of film and I’m setting out to do more work in that style..stay tuned. I hope you enjoy these. They were all done in-camera with some color processing in Lightroom.

Tonight’s Office Hours are going to be AMAZING!! Make sure to come out! I’ll see ya there. Thanks for looking!

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Frank Machalowski – Website

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