New Image Wednesday + DIY Furniture Store (Modern In Denver Magazine)

Happy Wednesday! How was your week? You what? You got dared to eat an entire tub of Wind Fresh Laundry Detergent? Dude…that doesn’t seem smart. You actually do look a touch distended – not to be rude. You were burping bubbles for three days? Well, that’s not super surpris….WHOA!!! That wasn’t just detergent was it? You also ate a lot of flour didn’t you? Yeah…when you sneezed just now a bubble-shaped baked good just flew out your nose. Killer week, bro.

Ok…these intros are getting weirder. I like having my conversations with my imaginary friend every week, but this one is actually rooted in this morning’s reality. My 9 month old (today! – nine months today!) puppy, Ida, totally got into a little tub of soap and flour that I was using as snow on a poster for Trout Steak Revival – blog coming in October. She totally woke me up this morning and it looked like she’d gone on a crazy bender with cocaine all over her nose. I think I grumbled out something to the effect of, “do you take a dog to the vet for a blow habit?” Either way, I double checked and the soap is safe and the flour is safe, so she’ll be fine, but she’s been eating EVERYTHING nowadays. I don’t know why I’m blathering about this, but it’s MY BLOG and I can do what I want! Here’s a couple pictures of what she looks like now:

Ok! On to the main event! Design It Yourself (DIY) Furniture Store has been a long-standing client of mine, despite the new name. They used to be Rocky Mountain Table Company (see past blog at the bottom). The owner, Donnie, and I go back a long ways when it comes to work. I’ve done a bunch of super fun images for his company and I’m proud to say…I’m back for another one!

This one was a BLAST!!! We made this awesome photo for an advertisement he’s running in ‘Modern In Denver Magazine’ mid-September (keep an eye out). It features one of my favorite people to work with ever, Madelyn Albright – see blog below. Merne helped me SO much on this shoot. There was a ton we had to do.

Essentially we had to construct a way to hold two big lights directly over this fourteen foot long table. I brought a couple backdrop stands, we took a giant piece of metal from Donnie’s shop, drilled two holes in it, and then Merne and I duct taped the lights (attached to stands) to the piece of metal. Then we hoisted the sucker up.

I was also lucky enough to get a HUGE backdrop from this wicked interactive play that had just closed in Denver. They were just throwing out these huge pieces of black cloth. So, my buddy Justin (Incite Productions – blog below) grabbed ’em up and I swung by with my ol’ trucky and viola! we had a backdrop large enough to support this massive table!!

Y’all can see the behind-the-scenes of this super fun shoot below! I called up Gregory Alan Isakov to ask if we could use his music for the video and he graciously said yes. But, in hind sight…his music is SO good and SO epic…it may be a bit overkill on my silly little video. Haha! Oh well! I feel so lucky to know all these amazing folks.



See y’all tonight for Office Hours!

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