New Image Wednesday + Denver UkeFest + What He Said Next Will Blow You Away…

June 11, 2014. by

Hello friends!

This blog has turned into a great way for me to record some of the progress I’m making in the photography realm. It’s always nice to look back and realize how far I’ve come. It’s like having a little recorder that explains my life back to me on a weekly basis. So, here’s a few photos from this year’s Denver UkeFest at Swallow Hill:

However, one of the big things I’ve been struggling with lately is that we’re so overwhelmed by amazing art on a daily basis. While I think that’s AMAZING, my hope is that we haven’t started to gloss over the importance of a single piece or song or lyric. I’d like to believe that when we post a hundred things to Facebook, each one has gotten the time it deserves to resonate and help define us. I’ve made a video about this very topic today. It’s certainly my time to whine, but hopefully it’ll function as a reminder to myself not to take so much creativity for granted. 

Thank you all!

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