New Image Wednesday + California Part 1 of 2

May 6, 2015. by

Howdy pardner! How goes it? Yes. I missed you too. No. I didn’t have awkward dreams about you. No. I haven’t seen Avengers 2 yet. Is it good? Well, of course they win! You wanted them to lose? I haven’t seen it, but I can’t imagine a team of such magnitude would fail. Oh my god…I’m not getting into this again…Hulk is GREEN when he gets mad, him turning red wouldn’t make him anymore mad and therefore more powerful. I don’t know if I really missed you…

So, here’s another 2 part series! I’m liking these! They’re fun! And the 2nd part –yet again– starts with another 911 call!! This time I got a picture though. I’m waiting for all my film to be developed and I’ll have all those up on the second post (hopefully tomorrow!)

I took a trip for the past ten days out to the marvelous west coast! No offense Denver, but the west coast has mountains and water. I got to see some wonderful friends: Aaron Keim from The Quiet American and equally famed for his amazing instrument-building skills (I also got to meet his adorable kid, Henry). I also was lucky enough to hang out with Gordon and Char Mayer (from Mya-Moe Ukulele Company). That was a splendiferous day.

We started out in Portland and left to meander our way down the coast all the way to the epic little town of Mendocino, CA. We got to see redwoods, WHALES (sorry no pics, they were super far away – rendering them useless ocular fodder), boats, waves, birds (lotsa vultures…I mean, I know I’m out of shape, but after a bit being followed by them was hurting my feelings), coves, the big rock from The Goonies, pretty stuff in every direction, and even caught some awesome live music (Taarka!! check ’em out!). Taarka, turns out, was playing four minutes down the road from where I was staying in Mendocino! So, my girlfriend and her family piled into the ol’ green Volkswagen bus and Scooby-Dooed it down the road to see them play! Jeez-o can they play. If you have a chance…make sure to catch them live. The once empty bar turned into a huge crowd in a matter of three songs! Get it!

These are shot with my Canon 5D Mark II digital camera and some (dun dun duuun) are from my iPhone!

I really dig what iPhones can do. They have a certain style of photograph that I’m warming up to a lot. You know that cool sunburst you get when the sun gets in the lens? It doesn’t look like that on too many other cameras…kind of a neat specific vibe from an iPhone.

I hope you enjoy and I’ll be right back with more!!


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