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Howdy!! How was your week?! Did you go to UMS?! It was awesome this year, eh?! Did you see Ichy-O?! Dude…SO GOOD!!! What else did you do? Oh? You came up with a new idea? Uh oh… Whatchya got? You’re calling it “scare-apy?” Please explain. Ok..uh huh…yeah?…wow. So, it’s therapy through scaring people? So what, you just yell “HYAAH” in someone’s face and then ask them if they feel better? Seriously? That’s your idea? You think that’ll catch on? WHOA!!! Quit screaming in my face, man!!! NO, I don’t feel better at all!! What the heck is wrong with you?! 

So, (hang on for a sec and let me calm my breathing after that intro) today’s blog is about this awesome Denver company called Boston Woodworking. Yep! They’re in Denver! Not Boston. 

Seth Clark is the owner. I met Seth at a party about a year back hosted by Donnie Criswell from Rocky Mountain Table Company (link below). As you can probably guess, Seth grew up in Boston. I have no idea how he did it, but he has no accent anymore. Quite a feat. I came from the midwest like 9 years ago and I still catch myself saying, “holy christ, eh?” and all kinds of silly crap that sounds like it’s from a Bob & Doug McKenzie sketch. 

Seth and I took five days of working hard to gather images for a new website he’s finishing at the end of this summer. We spent two of the days traveling around to grab shots of some of the incredible work he’d done around the city. We hit a Chipotle office, a Larkburger, Western Energy Alliance, Sully & Co. (holy cow is that place awesome), and a bunch of other spots. After laughing a ton in the truck and gathering a slew of images, we hunkered down in his warehouse for the next two days where we proceeded to build a thirteen foot tidal wave made of wood pieces from his shop. Assisted by my great friends, Christa Kennett, and Kit Chalberg (video footage shot by Kit coming soon on my UPDATED WEBSITE), we took everything in the shop and twisted and contorted it to look like it was all getting sucked up in a giant wave. It was great. It was exhausting. I needed Gold Bond and three beers when we were done.

The second day, we shot it. 

I’ve never used a two-ton fork lift to raise a six gram speedlight in the air before I’d worked with Boston Woodworking. It was hilarious. This little umbrella on a tiny stand floating up on this massive piece of machinery. The shooting day was epic. Super relaxing and fun…until we had to tear it down.

That, to be honest, was when Seth TRULY CONQUERED. My god! Give that dude a hammer and say “smash,” and he’s like a prodigy of destruction. I think he took down two straight days of work in about fifteen minutes. It was like Mario on a bender. 

After we got the main image, I came back and shot the extremely talented workers in the workshop for a day. When I say extremely talented, I genuinely mean it. These fellas embody craftsmanship and artistry. It was a true delight to be around people who care about details and are truly perfectionists. And they were badass to hang out with too!

All in all, it was a great five days, and I hope you enjoy the images!


HYAAAH!!!! Feel any better?

+ S


Itchy O – Website 

Boston Woodworking – Current Website

Rocky Mountain Table Company – Website

Kit Chalberg – Website

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