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March 11, 2015. by


How’ve you been this week? Yeah…I heard all about the iWatch. Sure, it seems pretty nea…no, I don’t think it’ll wirelessly hook up to your steering mechanism in your 2001 Tacoma. Well, not yet anyway. What’s that? Well of COURSE your old watch didn’t do that either!! You TRIED IT?! Lord! How are you still alive? How far did you make it with your non-wireless watch wirelessly driving your truck?! Yeah..well, a half-mile is more than I would’ve expected honestly. Oh! That’s how you got that scar. Have you learned your lesson? Who am I kidding…of course not…

Anyway, today is showcasing some of the other work that I get called to do sometimes. Primarily, I tend to keep this site and blog geared towards my work with musicians and what I do with film cameras. But, that being said, what the heck?! Let’s show some other fun stuff!

Here’s a few super fun engagement shots that I did for some really great friends of mine, Christa & Jessica. Christa helps me with a LOT of the building stuff I do (remember that tree on Vatican Vamps’ album? She did that). She’s absolutely one of the most creative and beautifully driven people I’ve met. Her fiancé, Jessica is kind-hearted, all awesome-ly book smart, and a true mentor to many children in the community. It was a genuine pleasure to have fun on a shoot with them both!

After that, we have some belly shots from a super fun family shoot I did just this last Sunday. I love doing stuff like this! Sometimes I get too caught up in what kind of creative idea can drive my photos and I lose touch with the fact that photos are stories. Whether those stories are told with huge elaborate sets, or just a simple meaningful face, it is always fun to take photos. That’s the cool part, right? The simplest look told from a cool angle, or with cool lighting, or with attention to the smallest detail that propels the story is what photography (for me) is ALL about. I gotta say…I LOVE what I do for a living.

Belly Shots – More coming soon (once I develop the film)

As always, thanks so much for paying attention! Careful driving with the iWatch in April. 

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