New Image Wednesday + Automatic Iris

Jeez…it’s been a long time, eh? What’s new with you? Whoa…dude, why are you wearing a ball cap that says “Trump” on it? Oh wow…no, no. It says “TRUMP.” Not “Triumph.” Those are two TOTALLY different concepts. You thought it was a neat vintage motorcycle hat? You’re wrong. So…why aren’t you taking it off? Oh. I see. You burned your bangs off trying to fix a vintage motorcycle. Even if it did read “Triumph,” I don’t think you should be allowed to wear that, man.

My gosh. I owe you all an apology for being absent so long. Life is absolutely crazy nowadays. There’s been almost a shoot a day for the past month. I’m LOVING it! I have a TON of stuff to share, but I can’t quite release it until the artists are ready…but, stay tuned.

As for today, we’re talking about Automatic Iris! I LOVE these guys! What a fun group of friends! If there’s one word I could use to describe them, it’d be “nerd.” But, if there was a second word I could use, it’d be “superfunamazingpeoplewithaprofoundzestforlifethatsabsolutelyinfectious.” Merne and I had such a wonderful time creating the album art for these fine folks. We had the concept of shoes running and reacting to environments all on their own. So, we got Merne some dark room gloves, and I had him make forms that told a brief story through each of the band members’ shoes. Then, I took a shot without Merne in it, and overlayed the layers and colored him out! Sorry Merne…you’re handsome though. The result was super fun! I hope you enjoy them! Honestly, with the exception of masking Merne out, there’s really not much other Photoshop done to these photos – except a touch of color correction to the shoes running up the stairs.

If you want to hear these wonderful folks live, check out their CD release (with awesome album art in hand…ahem…no big deal) at the Hi Dive on May 13th, 2016!


See y’all tonight for Office Hours at The Elm at 5:30!

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Merne Judson III – Website

Automatic Iris – Bandcamp

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