New Image Wednesday + Atlas


Today’s photos are a fun follow-up of a belly shoot I did a little while back for Desiree & Erick (see the blog link below). Well, they had their baby! Yay! Little Atlas! He’s adorbs. I don’t have a ton to say about these photos to be honest except that Atlas’ folks are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m honored to call them friends.

All of these were shot in their living room with a Canon 5D MKII and a Leica R3 on Ilford 3200 film with two canon flashes (yay strobist!). There’s one more super fun one that I’m still editing that’ll be up next week…it’ll be funny.

As a side note: I’m thinking about doing a weekly meetup/forum type thing to discuss questions like “what kind of camera should I get,” or “how do I cut someone out in photoshop.” I get a ton of questions every week from amazing folks, but I think I’m just going to plop down on a day and work on my laptop in a bar/coffee shop (probably Bellwether on Colfax) and that’ll be the day I’ll answer any questions. Anyone in to this idea? Anyone actually read this thing? Please comment and let me know!

Thanks so much for checking out my stuff y’all! Whoa!! You’re making a spectacle of yourself…

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