New Image Wednesday + An Awesome Week Part 1

April 8, 2015. by

Well, howdy! How’s things? Yeah, I know…it’s been too long. What’s new with you? Yeah! I HAVE seen the new Avengers trailer! It looks aweso…huh? No, I don’t think one of the Petes from Pete & Pete are going to make an appearance. Why not?? I mean…have YOU seen the trailer? It’s kind of a different thing, ya know? Well, yeah Petunia would be pretty epic to see as a tattoo on the Hulk! No, I’m pretty positive Daria won’t be there either…your mind sometimes…just unbelievable.

To relish in a GREAT week and to make up for the month I’ve missed, I’ve opted to do TWO New Image Wednesdays today! Part 1 is what you’re reading (heh heh, duh.), Part 2 (later today) revolves around being in the middle of the desert and a couple of 911 calls that resulted in a helicopter. 

To start my epic week off, I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of taking a few film shots from a show at the Bluebird Theater with The Outfit, Safe Boating Is No Accident, and Faceman. I’ll tell ya…everyone conquered. Usually, if I’m doing live performance shots (spoiler alert), I show up early for the sound check so I can pose the band and wander around whimsically onstage. However, I didn’t have the chance to do that this round, but the shots still came out fun!

This first round of photos was shot with my trusty Leica R3 on Ilford 3200 film.


After that amazing concert, I had the pleasure of hosting one of my best good friends, Looper, for four days. Looper is absolutely one of my favorite people I’ve ever had the chance to get to know. He was my teacher back in the university days in Wisconsin about 12 years ago and since he’s grown to be like a brother to me. One cool thing about Looper is: If you go anywhere with him, you’ll find yourself hanging out with all the strangers nearby. Then, when you leave, everyone you just met will come with. He’s like a Pied Piper of hanging out. So, needless to say, I had an amazing time with him. He, also, is a photographer (check out his Flickr here). So, it was nice to go on photo walks for a week with someone to bounce ideas back and forth. Since it was his first visit to Denver, we immediately left town (haha) and hit up Rocky Mountain National Park for some good picture taking wrought with fog. Then we went drinking. We also hit up the (incredible) Rocky Mountain Arsenal for some serene (in-city) shots. Then we went drinking. We took a day to recover. Then we went drinking. All-in-all, it was one of my favorite weeks…until you read Part 2. 


My four days in Denver was epic. Not only was I was fortunate enough spend a great deal of time with Scott but I also got to see a variety of landscapes in the Denver area and it seems like a great place to be a photographer. There’s an abundant amount of vistas and wildlife while still having the big city benefits of the urban environment and all within a few hours drive. I look forward to going back and seeing what other opportunities present themselves.

Also, Faceman was my best friend and now he is my worst friend. Cheers to Greg [Carr] for taking his place.

— Looper



As always, thanks for checking out muh stuff. One more Wednesday release in a few hours, stay tuned!

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