New Image Wednesday + Blood Moon Concert + More Engagement Shots


Did y’all catch the blood moon??! It was awesome!!

It was so awesome, I took absolutely no pictures of it.  

I have to admit, sometimes I go out to see fall colors, watch the Persiad Meteor shower, see the blood moon, etc., and it feels inappropriate for me to take pictures of such a beautiful thing and not thoroughly enjoy it. So, that night, I directed my camera to the incredible performers on the city rooftop I was hanging out on. What a great night! My great friend Amanda (she sings/plays/writes for Automatic Iris – link below) invited over a hundred people to her roof that overlooks downtown and had a splendid view of the moon. She had 20 minute acoustic performances from a ton of my favorite musicians in town and gave us free cocktails while we watched the eclipse. So perfect.  It was the best way to celebrate the profound event that was upon us. I hope you enjoy some of the shots!

All these were shot on either my Leica R3 with Ilford 200 (black and white) film or with my Hasselblad 500cm with Portra 400 (color) film.

Also, this week I’ve included a few of the film shots from last week’s engagement shots blog! These came out so lovely I had to share!



Thanks so much for checking my stuff out! Come join us tonight for the Office Hours and let’s talk all about photography and design and life and animals and second guessing ourselves and drinking. It’s at The Elm (Elm & Colfax) from 5:30-8ish!

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