Holy Cow, It’s Been A Month

April 23, 2014. by

I never thought I’d be a blog guy, and as it turns out…I’m not. It’s been a stinkin’ month since my last post! Holy cow! But, I’ve been working away a lot lately on wedding invitations, engagement photo shoots, product photography, album designs, and I even took a great trip to Clarksdale, Mississippi with some of my best friends, The Organgrinders for the Juke Joint Festival. What an amazing place. I felt more at home in the Delta than I have in most places in a very long time. Some of my favorite moments of the trip included; drinking, breaking into an abandoned school, checking out the WROX building, and doing a photo shoot in a broken down building in downtown that had suffered a fire. I also got to finally meet one of my life-long heroes, Cedell Davis. If you don’t know Cedell, check him out for sure. Unfortunately, he can’t play any more as he’s lost control now of his right arm…dude’s old…totally understandable. But, he still knows how to bring it. 

Outside of my amazing trip, I’ve also been working with one of my favorite bands as of late: You Me & Apollo. I feel so lucky to have made that friendship. I shot their band portraits with a Hasselblad 500CM and spent a couple days down in the dark room at Leon Gallery developing and printing for the record. A big shout out to Eric Dallimore and Leon Gallery – THANK YOU AGAIN. After the shoot, my girlfriend and I held hands and dumped honey all over them for the cover image. We set up a large baking pan on a table, and just started dumping honey everywhere. I lit the scenario very simply with one Alienbee and a medium sized octabank. I had a flash gun behind us with no modifier to separate from the wall behind us. You Me & Apollo have a CD release coming up next week at the Bluebird with my other great friends, Desert Noises! I love how the world works.


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