New Image Wednesday + Edison + UMS + An Upcoming Bride


So, today is all film photos! Yay film photos! The first set is from a recording session with Edison I popped in on during Denver’s UMS (Underground Music Showcase). They were doing some cool things there and I’m stoked to hear how it turned out after it’s all finished! Edison is making some waves nowadays and playing some KILLER shows. They’re all phenomenal people, and I’m always happy to work with them!

The UMS shots feature:

Itchy – O – if you have a chance, see them. Incredible. Plus they’re on Alternative Tentacles (Jello Biafra’s record label). Hell yeah Jello.

The Knew – A fun double exposure in the ol’ Hasselblad to those hometown heroes. They’re releasing a new record called “Schmew” on Saturday at Ratio Beerworks!

Brent Cowles – Brent has quickly become a great friend, featured in the Atomic Cowboy shot, seen in the sneak peak blog for his upcoming solo record, and featured multiple times for the exquisite work he did with You Me & Apollo. He has a voice that can make a statue cry.

That’s all for this week! Kind of tame and kind of fun! Thanks!

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