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(I feel like these intros are getting weirder every week. I don’t know if I should stop them or just let them progress into madness.)

So, this week’s photos are from a wonderful trip to Chicago!

Chicago – I grew up north of Chicago. It’s in my bones. I love that city. Except, (and you’ll hear anyone from Chicago say this repeatedly) for the winters. However, we got to go when it was sunny, warm, and fall was cascading perfectly!

We went out for our good friend Nyle’s wedding. It was such a great night! There’s a few fun double exposure shots in here from it. Nyle and his wife are actors there, and the theme of the wedding was “film.” So, folks were dressed up as all kinds of awesome characters. It was such a lovely excuse to return back to my favorite city. However, as you know, if you go back home, what you came there for becomes just part of another large group of activities. I got to see old friends, meet new ones, and explore that wonderful city proper. One particular night was spent with my best friend of almost thirty years drinking whiskey on a pier watching the sun go down over the skyline.

Chicago feels like a quiet, powerful giant in the shadows waiting to either hug you or stab you. It’s a powerful force. It feels like the city has gone through real hell together…really together. I love Denver so much, but sometimes we feel so young. It’s like the importance of our town is built on the struggle of different individuals. Chicago has unspoken social rules that everyone follows. They’re old rules and set in each person living there. It’s amazing to feel. That kind of depth is only felt when a place has supported each other through heavy steps of development and have found their voice as a strong entity. I prefer to call that “real.”

The only down side? Well, I broke my foot. I walked too much the first day with bad shoes and messed my foot up good. It’s been about three and a half weeks, and it’s still being a little jerk when I walk on it. I hobble everywhere I go. Oh well. All in the name of Chicago. Side note – that last sentence should be said allowed in a Tom Waits-esque voice.

Much love to Chicago. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Don’t forget to join me at my Office Hours on Wednesday nights! Here’s a little write up about it:

“In the tradition of French salons, photographer Scott McCormick’s “Office Hours” are a gathering of minds. While not formal like the tradition dictates, McCormick has taken this gathering to an interesting, and albeit more libatious platform. To escape the everyday clutter of infinite garbage that plagues the internet and obscures knowledge, McCormick has opted to have locals respected throughout the city lead Wednesday evenings in a kaleidoscope of discussions and learning. All are welcome with no penance on lack of knowledge. These evening’s are built with one sole purpose: learning.

There’s a hitch, though. The featured artist of the week is given as many free drinks as they need to further the conversation in an interesting manner. Imagine if art, design, marketing, music, and general creativity slammed head first into Comedy Central’s “Drunk History.” ”

— Every Wednesday night at the wonderful Boston-based sports bar, The Elm. 5:30-8pm

Thanks so much as always!

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