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New Image Wednesday + A Look Back At 2018

2018 – Recap Looking back on an amazing year…holy cow, I’ve been taking photos for TEN YEARS. The early days I started taking photos in 2018 when my band, Boulder Acoustic Society, headed out on tour in Charleston, SC. I had a wee point and shoot camera and I fell instantly in love. I dragged the poor band all over town, up and down side streets, to a wild cemetery, in front of random buildings, etc. I immediately hopped in the tour van and downloaded a free version of Photoshop (all you needed was an email to download a trial […]

New Image Wednesday + Family Christmas Card

Our Family – Christmas card Our family Christmas and a personal reflection Ra Ra artsy-fartsy Christmas cardsy! Making Christmas cards every year for folks has turned into one of my favorite things I get to do. Some past images and current thoughts I’ve been doing cards for a few years now for some amazingly close friends. It’s such a wonderful way to capture the dynamic of such a beautiful holiday season and slam in some super fun creativity within the family dynamic. I think one of my favorite things is going to friends’ houses and seeing our Christmas card on […]

New Image Wednesday + Rob Shearer

Rob Shearer – Promotional photos, head shots Rob Shearer – Filmmaker I love working with inherent storytellers…Rob is a phenomenal one. Make sure to check out his work: – WEBSITE What a fun and amazing project this has been! Rob approached me to do some updated head shots for his website and promotional use. As Rob is an amazing filmmaker and incredible photographer, I really wanted to push the notion of headshots to a more fun and creative realm. This project allowed me to reach deep down into my inner film nerd and do a deep dive into some of […]

New Image Wednesday + Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers – Album Art, promotional imagery,  logotype, posters, social media announcement banners Between The Outfield And Outer Space I’ve had this record on repeat for months. For the love of God, listen to it while you read:  – SPOTIFY |  – APPLE MUSIC | – BANDCAMP This group’s last record, “Fantasy Machine,” was one of the best albums to come out in 2015. If I owned a cassette of it, I would’ve worn it out. So, when the boys came to me for artwork for their new release, I was more than elated to hop on board. To be […]

New Image Wednesday + Kid Reverie

KID REVERIE – Album Art, promotional imagery, and some merchandise design Intro Hey! The blog is BACK, baby! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything. As my first comeback story, I’m stoked to start back up with a look at some of the imagery for one of my favorite people in Colorado, Steve Varney. Today we’re checking out the artwork for his group, Kid Reverie. Also, make sure to click around a bit! I redid the website a WHOLE bunch…and there’s more to come… Kid Reverie Firstly, this band rocks. Secondly, Make sure to check out their new […]